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Chief Learning Officer - CLO Media
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AWS CloudFormation
User Guide (API Version 2010-05-15)

Use the optional Parameters section to customize your templates. Parameters enable you to input custom values to your template each time you create or update a stack.

Defining a Parameter in a Template

The following example declares a parameter named InstanceTypeParameter . This parameter lets you specify the Amazon EC2 instance type for the stack to use when you create or update the stack.

Note that InstanceTypeParameter has a default value of t2.micro . This is the value that AWS CloudFormation uses to provision the stack unless another value is provided.



You use the Ref intrinsic function to reference a parameter, and AWS CloudFormation uses the parameter's value to provision the stack. You can reference parameters from the Resources and Outputs sections of the same template.

In the following example, the InstanceType property of the EC2 instance resource references the InstanceTypeParameter parameter value:



The following requirements apply when using parameters:

You can have a maximum of 60 parameters in an AWS CloudFormation template.

Each parameter must be given a logical name (also called logical ID), which must be alphanumeric and unique among all logical names within the template.

Each parameter must be assigned a parameter type that is supported by AWS CloudFormation. For more information, see .

Each parameter must be assigned a value at runtime for AWS CloudFormation to successfully provision the stack. You can optionally specify a default value for AWS CloudFormation to use unless another value is provided.

Parameters must be declared and referenced from within the same template. You can reference parameters from the and sections of the template.

The Parameters section consists of the key name Parameters . For each parameter within the section, you must declare a logical name and type. You can optionally specify additional properties.

AWS CloudFormation supports the following parameter types: String , Number , List<Number> , CommaDelimitedList , an AWS-specific type, or an SSM Parameter type. For more information, see Type .


For sensitive parameter values (such as passwords), set the property to . That way, whenever anyone describes your stack, the parameter value is shown as asterisks ().



A regular expression that represents the patterns to allow for String types.

Android Developers

Every text field expects a certain type of text input, such as an email address, phone number, or just plain text. So it's important that you specify the input type for each text field in your app so the system displays the appropriate soft input method (such as an on-screen keyboard).

Beyond the type of buttons available with an input method, you should specify behaviors such as whether the input method provides spelling suggestions, capitalizes new sentences, and replaces the carriage return button with an action button such as a Done or Next . This lesson shows how to specify these characteristics.

Specify the keyboard type

You should always declare the input method for your text fields by adding the New natural grass training soccer athletic shoes for men New Arrival Outlet 2018 New Finishline Sale Online Discount Extremely For Sale Footlocker N4Tp5tM4zK
attribute to the <EditText> element.

Figure 1. The input type.

For example, if you'd like an input method for entering a phone number, use the "phone" value:

Figure 2. The input type.

Or if the text field is for a password, use the "textPassword" value so the text field conceals the user's input:

There are several possible values documented with the Free Shipping Brand New Unisex 2017 hot selling uk wholesale basketball shoes men winter zapatos shoes Pictures Cheap Price Buy Cheap Nicekicks For Sale Online Store Nalx1
attribute and some of the values can be combined to specify the input method appearance and additional behaviors.

Figure 3. Adding provides auto-correction for misspellings.

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attribute allows you to specify various behaviors for the input method. Most importantly, if your text field is intended for basic text input (such as for a text message), you should enable auto spelling correction with the "textAutoCorrect" value.

You can combine different behaviors and input method styles with the android:inputType attribute. For example, here's how to create a text field that capitalizes the first word of a sentence and also auto-corrects misspellings:

Most soft input methods provide a user action button in the bottom corner that's appropriate for the current text field. By default, the system uses this button for either a Next or Done action unless your text field allows multi-line text (such as with android:inputType="textMultiLine" ), in which case the action button is a carriage return. However, you can specify additional actions that might be more appropriate for your text field, such as Send or Go .

To specify the keyboard action button, use the New Arrival sneakers cheap good sports shoes casual shoes Original Cheap Price Manchester Discount Big Sale aIE3pR3
attribute with an action value such as "actionSend" or "actionSearch" . For example:

Straight left lines create different moods and add affection to visual arts. A line's angle and its relationship to the size of the frame influence the mood of the image. Horizontal lines, commonly found in landscape photography , can give the impression of calm, tranquility, and space. An image filled with strong vertical lines tends to have the impression of height and grandeur. Tightly angled convergent lines give a dynamic, lively, and active effect to the image. Strongly angled, almost Clearance Free Shipping Fast Delivery S18627A Childrens Spring Dress Baby Girls Cute Casual Plaid Skirt Discount Cost Clearance Real Sale Excellent Q0RiE61TY
lines produce tension in the image. The viewpoint of visual art is very important because every different perspective views different angled lines. This change of perspective elicits a different response to the image. By changing the perspective only by some degrees or some centimetres lines in images can change tremendously and a totally different feeling can be transported. Straight lines are also strongly influenced by tone, color, and repetition in relation to the rest of the image.

Compared to straight lines, curves provide a greater dynamic influence in a picture. They are also generally more aesthetically pleasing, as the viewer associates them with softness. In photography, curved lines can give graduated shadows when paired with soft-directional lighting, which usually results in a very harmonious line structure within the image.

There are three properties of color. Hue, brightness, and value. Hue is simply the name of a color, (red, yellow, and blue, etc.) Brightness refers to the intensity and strength of the color. The lightness and darkness to a color is the value. Color also has the ability to work within our emotions. Given that, we can use color to create mood. It can also be used as tone, pattern, light, movement, symbol, form, harmony, and contrast. WETKISS 2018 Strange Slippers High Heels Genuine Leather Good Selling Online iA0aSnb2NK
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Texture refers to how an object feels or how it looks like it may feel if it were touched. There are two ways we experience texture, physically and optically. Different techniques can be used to create physical texture, which allows qualities of visual art to be seen and felt. This can include surfaces such as metal, sand, and wood. Optical texture is when the illusion of physical texture is created. Photography, paintings, and drawings use visual texture to create a more realistic appearance. Cheap women sport shoes canvas camel hiking Buy Cheap Pay With Visa Cheap Best Clearance Cheapest Price High-Quality Cheap Outlet Supply jps9c

Lightness and darkness is what creates value in visual art. Value deals with how light reflects off of objects and how we see it. The more light, the higher the value. White is the highest or lightest value while black is the lowest or darkest value. Colors also have value, for example, yellow has a high value while blue has a low value. This is a very important element of design, especially in painting and drawing, to be able to create the illusion of light with contrast. Contrast is needed to understand two-dimensional artwork. Clearance Best Wholesale Cheap 100% Guaranteed Yangmaile 2018 Womens Cross Toe Strap Flat Sandals beach Best Store To Get Online Clearance Online Cheap Real 8eAuCD2VW8



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